Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some things are obviously broken

Current View: "The mystery is why, given that the US spends more on education than anyone else, and increasingly more every year, the results are from poor to mediocre. The essay says without exception, but that's wrong. There are some good school, but generally they are so despite the national system, not because of it."

The educational system is broken. see above.

The financial system is broken. It is too hard to tell who owns what now. Some people have stopped paying their mortgages and they can;t be foreclosed on since no one seems to have the title.

The patent system is broken. When companies made up of only lawyers go around buying up patents and then go around suing manufacturers, there is a problem.

The copyright system is broken. When the only way to access a particular work is to pirate it, there is a problem.

Government is broken. Professional politicians running car companies. Need I say more.

All of these things just need to fail so something better can replace them. But in the past 40+ years our schools have taught that the worst thing in the world is to fail, now it is coming bak to bite us.

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