Thursday, March 19, 2009

Futures both Bright and Dark

Sometimes the future looks dark and sometimes bright, but it is not the technology that is important it's the people and the people pulling on the levers of power are acting like drunken lemurs.

With The Fed buying debt from the Treasury and "printing" $1,000,000,000,000,000 to do it. It becomes obvious we are in deep trouble. They may be able to sorta save the economy by turning off the presses at the right time, but being human they probably won't, I just hope they are pretty close. We can all hope for a hole-in-one but I am just praying for them to get it on the green, and am preparing in case they slice it into the sand trap. 

I am looking for this to be a Plan B or C. Like a fire extinguisher I hope it never needs to be used.

One of the hard problems is just a pure storage question. I would love to see this etched into something that will last for the long term, like metal plates. Gold would be great but is too expensive right now and too valuable generally, stainless steel or anodized aluminum might be better. 

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