Friday, March 6, 2009

The importance of Public Hygiene
: "The toll on human health is grim. Every day, 1,000 children younger than 5 years old die in India from diarrhea, hepatitis- causing pathogens and other sanitation-related diseases, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund."

This tells us just how important public sanitation is. Indians leave 100,000 tons of human excrement in their food producing fields every day. The US has recalled how many tons of peanuts that was contaminated.

My Oma in East Germany had a toilet that just had a hatch that dumped into the basement. It was like an indoor latrine. You had a small bucket of water and a brush to push all of it down and a small open gas flame burner to keep the gas build up under control. OSHA would have elephants over the arraignment but that is what they used for decades.

Heck, we're fighting hospital superbugs on cellphones.

Wash your hands after going to the bathroom!

The ancient Romans knew better. They had reservoirs and aqueducts even hot and cold running water, evan an enclosed sewer system. Why did we forget that?

It seems simple enough. Collect water high up in the mountains, add chorine and fluoride. Run an aqueduct to your city and to the homes of your people. Make sure people have toilets that flush. have an enclosed sewer system to contain the black water finally clean the black water and release back into the wild.

Okay, it is more detailed then that but I'll need some help here.

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