Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Denver Tea Party


The Denver Tea Party was very well attended, estimates of 5000 people.

It is also painfully obvious that no one knows how to frame this.

The GOP think we are for them but since they are spending like wild we lump them into the bad government group.

The media think we are against taxes and are wondering why since taxes haven't gone up. Yet. We are not total sheep and are looking into the future and trying to do something while we can still do something about it. Spending is completely out of control Obama and Congress (BOTH sides) have spend more in the last 60 days as all the other presidents and congresses combined (that goes from George Bush to George Washington)

Some people are wondering where we were when Bush was spending, we've been emailing, calling and mailing. That didn't work and now with spending accelerating and on one seems to be listening, it is time to take to the streets.

It isn't about Obama because Bush started it. It isn't about the Democrats in Congress as the Republicans started it there too. It isn't even about the spending. It is about a government that has stopped listening to the people. 53% of the 57% ( or about a quarter ) of the people who are eligible to vote voted for change. I somehow don't thing more of the same, only more counts as change.

In simple terms. We owe $12n, we make $13n. That doesn't leave much for rent, car, food, gas and clothes. Stacking on more spending isn't going to work. Putting the Visa on the MasterCard (what the Fed and Treasury did a couple of weeks ago) and continuing to spending also doesn't work either. Getting loans from the payday loan shop (China) doesn't work so well either.

Anyone who is planning for a future further then a week away is concerned and is doing something. Food storage: check, garden: check, home defense: check, getting out of the stock market: better late then never. Tea Party: Oh yeah.

The liberals are wondering where the money is coming from because we have to be doing it just like they do and need a big sponsor. We don't need big money when you have a lot of little money.

They may also want to take a deeper look at the people there today. Lots of middle aged white people, mostly couples. We are people with something on the line here: homes, children, good jobs. Not like college students racking up student loan debt.

Oh, by the way, the is not a subversive document, that would be the Declaration of Independence.

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