Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The knowledgeable public >> Beltway Confidential - The knowledgeable public: "We’re used to assuming that most Americans don’t know a whole lot about government and public policy. Over the years I’ve been inclined to think that those of us in the commentariat tend to be overly cynical about this. Voters often can’t explain their opinions very clearly and often have a hard time getting the answers to quiz questions right, but they operate off a higher level of knowledge than we often give them credit for."

This seems a classic mismanage what you mismeasure problem, the problem comes when you are measuring the wrong thing. Knowing answers to questions that you know don't matter, aren't going to stay in your brain for very long.

Reporters spend a lot of time with other reporter and they tend to be eloquent, might it be because their jobs depend on it. They have cut themselves off from The People in their own little echo chamber. It's been very obvious for the past several years that they have a bias, so people have not been renewing subscriptions, last year they even stopped pretending, so what is the smart thing to do: stop listening.

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